Preventative Care

Tooth decay and gum disease are all preventable through good oral hygiene practices ie. tooth brushing and flossing. However none of us can do this 100% perfectly and once bacterial calculus and plaque is formed over teeth and gums it is very difficult to remove using normal means and a visit to the dentist is required to remove this bacterial film to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Regular check-ups and maintenance of gums at the dentist ensure problems are detected when they are minor, preventing larger problems from developing which can necessitate more costly and complex treatment.

Here at Abel & David Wan Dental Practice Forest Lake we use digital radiographs to detect any decay and gum disease where radiation exposure is kept to a minimum (near negligible) compared to traditional film xray that other practices may use. We also strive to be as gentle as possible on scale and clean of your teeth and gums to ensure a pleasant experience.

We also offer a 6 monthly recall program so you can maintain the high quality of your oral health.

Need A Checkup?

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