Dental Decay And Fillings

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria on tooth surfaces uses the carbohydrates in food debris to produce acids. These acids then in turn causes damage of the tooth surfaces.

The process can be stopped once the decayed surfaces are removed and a filling is placed to replace the damaged tooth structure. Here at Abel & David Wan Dental Practice we place tooth coloured fillings which is aesthetically less noticeable compared to the old amalgam metal fillings.

We recommend patients have their teeth checked every 6 months so this ensures should dental decay occur they can be fixed before they start to cause problems.  It is far better to treat a small cavity before it starts to cause discomfort as this prevents the need for more extensive treatments such as root canal treatment, crowns or loss of the tooth in an extraction.

Need a filling?

Have you noticed pain, or a broken tooth? We'll take a look and fix it as soon as possible!