Crowns and Bridges

When a tooth has severe damaged or broken down and can not be restored with a filling, or if a tooth has a large fracture, old filling or is badly discoloured, a crown is placed over and around the tooth to increase its strength and regain function and appearance. It can be made from metals or tooth coloured zirconia or ceramics to give the tooth back its natural and life-like appearance.

When you have a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, a bridge may be an option for you. It is made with multiple crowns and is a better choice than a partial denture as it is permanently fixed utilising adjacent teeth as anchors.

Some dental practices outsource the fabrication of the crown and bridges overseas to save costs but this can usually compromise on the quality and fit of the crown over your tooth.

Here at Abel & David Wan Dental Practice in Forest Lake we do not cut costs where all crowns are locally made to ensure the quality and fit of the crown for your tooth is at the highest calibre and we can liaise with our ceramist regularly to ensure the needs are met.

Teeth protection

Crowns and bridges can help keep and restore otherwise lost teeth!
Get in touch to find if one is suitable for you!